The Sunrise Picture Company is a small film and video production studio busily engaged in a range of local projects. Here’s some of our recent endeavours:

Swan Hill Jazz Convention
Swan Hill Jazz Convention

Mr Robinson
Film maker Reg Robinson

Australian film maker Paul Cox

Swan Hill Jazz Convention

After Christmas 2014 we travelled along the Murray to Swan Hill for the 69th Australian Jazz Convention. A day of hot jazz was recorded for posterity. Musicians from all over Australia gathered for four days to play the traditional music of New Orleans. (DVD 2015, 77 min.)

Here’s to you Mr Robinson

Peter Tammer’s remarkable film about Reg Robinson was made in the mid seventies, but had deteriorated badly over the next 40 years. We decided to rescue it as a valuable historical document. Film maker Robinson built replica Mitchell movie cameras in his shed in Melbourne during the 1930s depression in an attempt to launch a local film industry. (DVD 52 min.)

Nude in the Window

Another Tammer production successfully edited to completion. Paul Cox tells how he came to Australia and became a film maker. He had booked on a tramp steamer for South America when a distracted motorist drove into his front window in Punt Road. Sorting all this out meant he never left Australia. A charmingly frank record of his early films and inspirations. (DVD 60 min.)

Marilyn Keller Documentary - Darwin Harbour

Margret Roadknight
Margret Roadknight

Marilyn Keller

The golden voice of Marilyn Keller from Portland, Oregan, USA, has been recorded on each of three successive tours of Australia. Marilyn, a jazz, gospel and blues singer of rare talent, embraces so much of the story of African American music. Her performances were filmed at the Bentleigh Club in 2013, then later at St Andrews in Brighton in 2014, and recently at All Saints, St Kilda, mid 2015. This was a collaboration with Diana Allen of Jazz Australia and John Bye Productions. (DVD 2015.)

Darwin Harbour

At last, a film about the origins of the City of Darwin, about the earliest attempts at settlement in the north of Australia, of struggles against the heat and loneliness of the tropics. This is the untold story of the first Northern Territory settlements, the voyage of the ‘Forlorn Hope’, and how a great naturalist had a city named after him. (DVD 2010, 62 min.)

Margret Roadknight

Again, three big concerts with one of Australia’s finest folk recordings, including some of her best songs along with Graham McClean, Kenny White, David Allardice and Barry Wratten.

About Nigel Buesst

nigel 1Nigel has spent many years in film and video production, starting in the cutting rooms of London’s Wardour Street and the BBC Shepperton Studios during the 60s, the ABC in Melbourne, and 13 years teaching at the Swinburne Film and Television School.

Nigel was the Director of the St. Kilda Film Festival in Melbourne for five years and has been an avid film festival goer.

Recently Nigel has been working on developing a touch-screen for public places. Imagine you want further detailed information on some subject. This unit allows you to select a subject, then see a short film explaining more. For instance the six subjects above could be easily explored. Just touch a button to see a 5 minute film or a segment of it. Ideal for galleries, museums, travel bureaus, trade shows etc. Now available from Sunrise.


There are a number of other sources for information available about Nigel and his company. Visit these links for more:

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